S 2,500 – S 3,500

Fiebig floating dredgers are produced according to the latest stand of automation, dewatering technology, and efficiency for true one-man operation with maximum performance and safety.

In the S 2,500 to S 3,500 series the frame with the winches is located right on the pontoon system. The grab ropes are lead around guide pulleys on the rigid boom into the dredging duct. The grab can be executed as rope grab or hydraulic grab. On the dredger there is a stock silo with a hydraulically operated tip-up chute and a pendulum feeder, a dewatering screen and the base station of the outgoing floating conveyor. The operator's cockpit is situated on a bi-level container, which houses the electrical switchgear and the medium voltage transformer.  

The open grab is lowered to the bottom of the quarry pond. Right before it reaches the ground the lowering speed is reduced. The grab is bottomed out slowly. After closing the grab is pulled to the water surface at maximum speed. The hoisting speed is then reduced and the grab comes slowly into the upper end position. At the same time the hydraulically operated chute is brought into the upper end position and establishes the connection to the stock silo. As soon as the grab is in the upper position it can be opened immediately. After opening the grab the chute is lowered, uncovers the dredging duct again, and the next cycle can begin. With well dredgeable material these grab movements can be driven manually as well as automatically. The automatic cycle can be stopped any time and finished manually.

Type Grab volume Grab type Performance from Performance from Performance from
      10 m depth
20 m depth
50 m depth
S 2,500 2,5 m³ Rope grab 150 m³/h 128 m³/h 90 m³/h
S 3,000 3,0 m³ Rope grab 180 m³/h 154 m³/h 108 m³/h
S 3,500 3,5 m³ Hydraulic grab 176 m³/h 154 m³/h 113 m³/h
S 5,000 5,0 m³ Rope grab 260 m³/h 227 m³/h 164 m³/h
S 6,000 6,0 m³ Rope grab 309 m³/h 270 m³/h 196 m³/h
S 7,000 7,0 m³ Rope grab 360 m³/h 315 m³/h 229 m³/h
S 8,000 8,0 m³ Rope grab 373 m³/h 330 m³/h 245 m³/h
S 10,000 10,0 m³ Hydraulic grab 349 m³/h 318 m³/h 251 m³/h
S 12,000 12,0 m³ Hydraulic grab 419 m³/h 382 m³/h 302 m³/h
S 5,000 LK 5,0 m³ Hydraulic grab 174 m³/h 159 m³/h 125 m³/h

S 8,000 LK

8,0 m³ Hydraulic grab 266 m³/h 244 m³/h 194 m³/h


Grab performance at well dredgeable  material and 100% filling ration of the grab