Hoisting, conveying and processing sand and gravel

All from one source!

Tradition and innovation have always been FFA Fiebig's guidelines on the development of a comprehensive product portfolio covering the whole range of hoisting, conveying and processing sand and gravel.

Our range of products covers everything from floating dredgers, suction dredgers, floating conveyors, overland conveyor plants, dewatering plants like dewatering belts and dewatering wheels and screening plants to complete wet and dry processing plants as well as plants for the loading and discharging of bulk solids on and from ships and trains.

Due to various natural conditions and the multitude of end products the technology of hoisting, conveying and processing sand and gravel constantly asks for innovative thinking. The international market with its diverse customer requirements continuously asks for further developments of the respective processes.

From decades of experience FFA Fiebig offers highest quality plants and devices for continuous operation and a very long durability even under most extreme conditions.

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