Water Treatment System

The Fiebig water treatment system shown consists of a service water tank with an integrated drinking water tank, two Dublex tanks, each equipped with a flocculation station, and various pumps. The contaminated water from the processing plant passes through two curved screens arranged in parallel into the corresponding Dublex tank. Each Dublex tank has a treatment capacity of 800 m³/h. Water samples are taken in regular intervals by the flocculation station. Then the required flocculant is calculated and added. A stirrer prevents the consolidationg of the flocculated mass. At the bottom of the duplex tank two Seepex pumps remove the polluted and flocculated material and pump it into a settling tank. The overflow water enters the service water tank.


Data Service water tank Drinking water tank Dublex tank
Diameter: 20.000 mm 7.656 mm 8.168 mm
Height 4.500 mm 4.260 mm 5.050 mm
Volumen: 1.413 m³ 196 m³  

(1.000 m³ aktiv)

(180 m³ aktiv)